2M Fruit supplies fresh pomegranate and cherries to the Russian market.

The company Narco Agricultural Products Industry and Trade Limited was founded in 2010 in the province of Antalya, by joint investment of Turkish and Russian parties and know-how on purchasing and export of fresh fruits and vegetables. We created 2M Fruit in 2018 with the goal of direct marketing in Russia.

One of the founders and managers of our company, Mehmet Özçetinkaya, has been actively involved in the activities of various branches of the industry since 1999 and possesses all the necessary knowledge and experience related to this sector. 

Very high-quality vegetables and fruits are grown in our country. Nevertheless, the products exported to the present day have not been processed according to all the rules in compliance with the packing standards. For this reason, the products have not meet the advanced agricultural technology standards such as Global Gap, and that is why the products of a really high quality have not been exported to the foreign market. The mission of our company is supplying the highest quality products under our brand, which will also create additional value for the economy of our country.

Our company exports pomegranate and cherry. During the production and supply process, all the necessary precautions are observed, which guarantees the absolute safety of our products for human health. The production is carried out in our own garden of 1,500 acres. Our products comply with Global Gap standards and advanced agricultural technologies, and are completely safe for human health.

With the purpose of exporting high quality products to foreign countries and raising the value of our country's economy, our company saw the need for investing in natural plant fertilizers. We cooperate with such brands as BRANDT, whose quality is well known all over the world, and DORADO NATÜREL, which has also proved its quality in many projects in Turkey, and is a part of ÖZTÜRK GRUP. Thus, we purchase organic plant fertilizer products directly from the producer in the Black Sea region and use them for cultivation of pomegranate and cherry of the highest quality.

The use of organic plant fertilizers promotes the cultivation of environmentally friendly high-quality products. One of our main goals is the production of pomegranate and cherries of the best quality, which for a long time retain their freshness thanks to the latest technologies of packaging and storage.

Our company exports pomegranate and cherry, mainly to Russia, as well as to Germany, Poland and Italy. The main goal of our company is constant improvement of the quality of our products, which has become possible due to the use of the latest technologies, and faster export of fresh products under the brand name of NARCO, now implemented in Russia by 2M Fruit.